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Section Officers


Ed Dizon
(867) 445-8959


Deputy Director
Chris Hotson
(867) 445-3396

Ed and Chris are Action Pistol and IPSC competitors. They are both active members of IPSC Alberta and compete regularly in IPSC-sanctioned matches.

In addition to the Basic Safety Rules, there are some further rules that will be followed:

  • The casing and uncasing of firearms will be in the safety area only.

  • Once holstered, pistols may not, under any circumstances, be handled in any fashion without express authorization of the Range Officer.

  • Pistols in between stages will be carried in the holster, unloaded, hammer down, and no magazine inserted.

  • Eye and Ear protection will be worn at all times during live fire.

Use of holster on club ranges

Drawing of loaded firearms from a holster is restricted to Black Badge qualified personnel only.

A Black Badge current membership card showing your Black Badge number must be visible at all times

The above does not apply to duty firearms during approved classifications/practice.

The Handgun Section

The Handgun section conducts an active summer shooting season each year. Our activities start in the middle of May and run until the middle of September of each year.


We schedule regular league nights most Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 9:00 p.m. Our league nights are open to all our Black Badge-trained handgun shooters in Yellowknife.

We usually set up 4-6 small to large stages to shoot on these nights. We also have our regular mini-matches once a month from June to August where we put up 6-8 small to large stages similar to an IPSC qualifier match. These are whole-day events and are scored accordingly. We also organize a Territorial Championship match which consists of 14-16 stages shot in a 2-day competition format with prizes, medals, and trophies for the winners!

See our Match Schedule Calendar for details.

Please note that Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) and Mini-Rifles in semi-auto are now part of IPSC and are allowed to be used during our scheduled league nights and mini-matches as long as participants have completed their Black Badge training course. But please be advised that PCC and Mini-Rifle are only allowed during scheduled section activities with a Range Safety Officer on site and cannot be used during plinking and personal visits at the Handgun bay.

Acceptable calibers for PCC are 9mm, 38 auto, 38 special, 38 super, 
40 S&W and 45 ACP. (no magnum loads). Mini-Rifles only in 22LR.

Registration fees are $5 each night for our league nights
$50 for the season and $10 for mini-matches.
Must be a current Club Member and Black Badge trained.

(These are to cover the cost of our paper targets and pasters).



Steel Challenge is a new event that we will be offering to our Club members starting in the 2024 season! This event will be open to all club members who own a pistol/handgun (revolver included), Semi-auto Pistol Caliber Carbine rifles (PCC) and Mini-rifles (22LR semi-auto).

Click Here to see a sample.

From the 2023 Old Bridge Steel Challenge.

Steel Challenge is a United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) shooting competition discipline that we can modify to suit to our level of shooters. We will set-up modified stages suitable for both beginners and seasoned shooters.


This shooting discipline does not require Black Badge training and will be open to all current members of the club that have handgun/revolvers, PCC, and Mini-rifles with at least 3-5 magazines (5 mags. is ideal). Both Iron Sights and Optics equipped firearms are allowed.

      Youth and minors 10 years old and above that know how to shoot are

welcome to join! We require minors to be accompanied by their parent(s) or an adult if they wish to join in this event.

How it works?

Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes them to complete each stage, and the match winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time in their division. Competitors will be divided into separate divisions based from the type of firearm they're using. 

Acceptable calibers for handgun, revolver and PCC are 9mm, 38 auto,
38 special, 38 sup
er, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. (no magnum loads).
Rimfire pistols and Mini-Rifle
s only in 22LR.

Participants will be presented with 5 steel targets at varying distances and locations inside the pistol bay from a designated static shooting position. The closest steel plate from a given shooting position is 10-12 metres. For our club matches, all shooters will start from a low ready position including Black Badgers to make the starting position the same for everyone.

At the buzzer, competitors will engage the first 4 steel targets and shoot the designated STOP PLATE last. The STOP PLATE will determine the time for that string of fire. Competitors will then repeat this 4 more times. The worse time they have in the 5 strings will be eliminated and their best 4 times will be scored. If they're missing the targets during their run, they're allowed to shoot the targets multiple times until they hit them which could increase their time but they will avoid the penalties of not hitting their targets. A penalty (not hitting their target) is worth 3 seconds added to their time per plate. If the competitor missed 2 plates before hitting the Stop Plate, a 6-second penalty will be added to their time and so on.

A thorough explanation of the rules and regulations will be explained by the designated Range Safety Officer before the start of each league nights.

Round Count (50 to 100 rounds minimum)

Please bring at least 100-120 rounds of ammunition. We will put up a minimum of 2 stages to a maximum of 4 stages per night. A stage will consist of 5 strings of fire. A string will have 5 rounds minimum (if you don't miss) to hit the 5 steel plates. So a stage will consist of 25 rounds minimum, 2 stages is 50 rounds, 3 stages will have 75 rounds minimum and 4 stages is 100 rounds minimum. A 22LR semi-auto firearms is a good starting point for this event. 

Please see our Match Schedule Calendar for scheduled dates.

$5.00 registration fee each night or $25.00 for the season is required to join in this event. Black Badgers who already paid for their season pass of $50.00 do not need to pay again.

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