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Membership Rates

Junior: $10.00
18 years old and younger (require supervision by an adult on all ranges)

Individual (19 years old and older)
           $120 + $50 volunteer deposit* + $20 environmental levy** =


            $180 + $100 volunteer deposit* + $40 environmental levy** = $320

Family memberships: Parents/legal guardians and dependent children only. Not more than two adults, the rest of the family members are considered juniors (regardless of age) and require supervision by an adult on all ranges.

*  The volunteer deposit is paid yearly by Individual ($50) and Family ($100) members. If the member works 10 hours
      (Individual) or 20 hours (Family) during the year, the deposit is forgiven for the next year. Work could be, but is not
      limited to, range clean-up days, construction of target backers, range maintenance, etc. Sign the attendance log at
      formal work parties, or have your Section Director log your hours.

**In 2010, the City of Yellowknife imposed a $5000 per year environmental levy upon the Yellowknife Shooting Club for 
       operation of the outdoor range. These additional member fees are to cover this surchage imposed by the city through
       the lease agreement.

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