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Section Officers


Yasir Nouri


Deputy Director
Aïda Nciri


Weekly practice:

Tuesday nights on the silhouette range. Starting May 21, 2024.

3D Archery Territorials:

August 24 and 25, 2024

We practice on foam block targets and 3D animals. If you are new to the sport, we have club bows for you to borrow. All levels of experience and bow types are welcome. If you have a crossbow or use broad-head tips please bring your own target, as they will damage the club targets.


Members who would like to bring their bows to the range outside our Tuesday time slot, we recommend using the Silhouette or the Plinking range. You will have to bring your own target.

Types of Bows

Recurve bow.jpg

Compound bows: A popular choice for hunters, as they are shorter in length and have mounted sights. The wheels (cams) at the ends of the limps hold some of the draw weight when the archer pulls the bow string all the way back, allowing for more time to aim.

Recurve Bows: At the moment, this is the most popular bow we see at the range. This well-rounded bow is popular for beginners not because it is easy, but because it has fewer accessories to worry about. A ‘traditional’ or ‘bare’ recurve bow means there is no mounted sight to help you aim. Olympic recurves have mounted sights and stabilizers and are made for a competitive edge.

Compound Bow.jpg
The Archery Section
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