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Access to the Yellowknife Shooting Club is by Membership Only. 
The Yellowknife Shooting Club Membership year runs Nov 15 through Nov 15th. 

New membership applications:

A three-month grace period is applied, whereby those new members purchasing memberships after August 15th will have their membership valid until November 15th of the following year.

Renewing membership applications:

Members renewing will have their membership valid until the upcoming November 15th, regardless of when they renew.


All new members to the Yellowknife Shooting Club must successfully pass a test demonstrating knowledge of the Range Standing Orders.

1. Read the Range Standing Orders AND...

2. Watch the nine-minute explanatory video below of the Range Standing Orders AND...

3. Successfully pass the Questionnaire on the Range Standing Orders. This is a Google Form and it will require you to have a Google Account to access this Questionnaire. If you don't have one, you can create an account HERE.

4. Fill out your application form, the PDF is available to download HERE or pick up a copy at True Value Hardware.

Applications may be dropped off at True Value Hardware or emailed to our Membership Officer (note that sending by email, application information is not secure). Please check your spam/junk email folders for the reply from the membership officer, and add the email to your safe senders list.


Successfully completing the Range Standing Orders questionnaire will automatically flag your name to the Membership Officer, and will allow your new membership to be processed.

Your New Membership will not be processed without successful completion of the
Range Standing Orders Questionnaire!

  • Does not apply to junior members. 

  • For Family memberships only the primary cardholder needs to complete the questionnaire.

  • Renewing members only need to complete the questionnaire once, it is not required annually.


Thank You True Value Hardware!


The club would like to remind members of the help provided to the club by True Value Hardware.  True Hardware has been accepting club membership applications on our behalf for several years now, without this it would be much more awkward to get your key and membership card each year.  Please take the time to thank them when picking up your memberships!

Memberships may take 1 to 2 weeks to process. 

Please do not harass True Value staff for your key. True Value handles our memberships out of the goodness of their heart. 
You will be notified by email when your range key and membership card are available for pick up.


Membership Process

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