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The Black Badge Training Course

The Black Badge training course is a National Training Program that offers in-depth training in the safe competitive shooting techniques required to compete at IPSC events and also to deliver the confidence and expertise to use holstered handguns in the safest possible manner while engaged in shooting activities. Likewise, the Yellowknife Shooting Club requires its members to have Black Badge training if they wish to holster their handgun on the range, except for military and police personnel on official training exercises. 


The Handgun Section of the club has regular shooting activities for all trained Black Badge members of the club throughout the summer shooting season.

So what is the Black Badge Training Course?

Watch the video below to find out.

Please fill out the Black Badge Class form below if you are interested in taking the Black Badge Training Course. We will put you on the list and we will get back to you with further details once we have enough interest for a possible class. 

We will need a minimum of 8 participants to a maximum of 12 for a class to take place.

Black Badge Class Form

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