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Firing during scheduled club/section activities will take place only under the supervision of an approved Range Safety Officer (RSO) who is qualified and appointed by the Senior Range Safety Officer.

During casual firing, if two or more people are shooting on one of the ranges, one must assume the duties of RSO for that range. RSO instructions will be followed immediately.

RSO’s are responsible for:

  1. The safe conduct of all firing within their range;

  2. Targets are set up to ensure all bullets are directed straight down range and remain within the confines of the firing area;

  3. Coordinate with other area RSO’s/shooters for the safe movement of personnel downrange;

  4. Ensuring there is no handling of uncased firearms while people are down range;

  5. Ensuring there is no movement forward of the 100 yard line on the High Power range while there is firing on the Silhouette, Handgun or Plinking range; and

  6. Ensuring range signs/flag are set as required;

    1. On Arrival:

      • Red Flag raised.

    2. On Departure:

      • Red Flag lowered.

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